Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Get TWO at the price of ONE! Midweek Dazzle: Rosell Studded Handbag

Mid Week Dazzle: Rosell Studded Handbag

In the style of Japan's Plush&Lush!

Spice up the plainest of all outfits with this lovely pochette! Eye-catching embellishments and classic chainstrap - it's the perfect bag for summer dresses.

Now, you can get TWO at the price of ONE!
(price: $19.90)
Grab the Rosell Studded Handbag for your BFF and of course, keep one for yourself!
Available in Brown, Cream & Black.

2-for-1 Promotion exclusive to online purchases only.

Promo Code: cassis2for1

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Terms & Conditions:
  • Promotion eligible for items mailed to a single address. For mailing to separate address, postage charges apply.
  • Top up $2.24 for registered postage.
  • Promotion ends 24 March 2010, Wednesday.


  1. Heyy can I check.
    If I use this promo to get 2 bags,can one be sent to my friends place and one be sent to mine?

  2. Hi dear

    Sorry the item has to be sent to the one mailing add.

    Thank you.


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