Monday, 14 September 2009

Preview of What's New Instore!

All items are now available at our boutique, #04-137AA, Far East Plaza. While stocks last!
Items will be released online at a later date, stay tuned!

Item 1: Nicole Canvas Tote, $23.90
Colours Available: Black, White & Blue

Item 2: Paige Chainstrap Tote, $27.90
Colours Available: Black & Grey

Item 3: Chelsea Zip Leather Shoulder Bag, $42.90
Colour Available: Black only
(comes with sling strap)


  1. Item 2: Candice Studded Satchel, $29.90
    Item 3: Paige Chainstrap Tote, $27.90
    Item 4: Sophie Quilted Tote with Tassle, $49.90
    Item 8: Kiera Slouchy Leather Hobo, $39.90
    can the above items fit A4 & will all of them be available @ the shop?

  2. Hi dear, All the items above can fit A4 except for item 2 which is approx. half the size of A4.

    All items are now available instore but stocks are running low. Do hurry down to our store to avoid any disappointment! :)

    Our store is located at #04-137AA (opp 77th street)

  3. hey may i know the measurement for item 2. and if i can make the order here? thnks

  4. u mean once sold out in store wun be able to buy online?!

  5. hi dear, sorry we do not have the measurment of item 2 on hand now. will update you asap. :) for a guide, it is approx half of A4 size.

  6. hi sh, yeap.. you will have to wait for the next shipment if stocks are sold out instore. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  7. hi can i check if you still have stock for item 3?

  8. Hi cloudfriend, there is still one last piece available instore. Thank you.

  9. Is it possible to reserve? thank you.

  10. Hi cloudfriend, we will advise you on what to do to reserve. Can we have your email add please? Alternatively, drop us an email at

  11. hi! will you still get more stocks for 'sold out' items? (:

  12. Hi dear

    It depends on which design are u keen in/. :) Thank you. :)

  13. Hi:)
    may i know when are you bringing in new styles?
    and do you sell quilted chain bag?:)

  14. Hi dear

    Yeap we have a few designs of chain quilted bag instore. You can drop by and see. Thank you.


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